Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Effective January 2021 all bills will be due by the 10th of the month. Any payment received after the 10th is subject to a 10% penalty.  Please contact the office for more information or questions at 870-257-3508.

Failure to receive bill in no way exempts the cutomer from payment of bills. We like to encourage our customers to use automatic bank drafting which ensures payments are on time and no late charges are incurred.

Cherokee Village Water Works is not responsible for damages to the customer's property due to a water leak. Cherokee Village Water Works recommends you contact your insurance provider for such incidences.

The customer should have, (according to plumbing codes), a shutoff valve located in the line near the outlet of the water meter. The meter box should never be covered (i.e., paving, plants, dirt, or vehicles). Shrubs, trees, etc., must be kept trimmed from around the  meter box. The Water Dept. will trim these if they are not maintained by the customer.

Cherokee Village Water Works respects a period of quiet time between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. during which text  and email alerts for outages are suspended.


Standard Residential Service Rates

Monthly Customer Charge: $15.00 + taxes per month.
This charge is for the cost of producing & transporting water through lines. The development & maintenance of large transmission lines, pump stations and water mains all comprise the infrastructure investment necessary to deliver safe, pure drinking water to our customers.
Sharp County $16.79
Fulton County $16.98
Tier (gal.): $6.62/1,000 gal.:

Our community's water meters are read each month. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Average Billing Examples

Totals are just examples.
Usage (gal.): Bill Total:
2,000 $31.50
5,000 $53.50
10,000 $90.00
15.000 $126.50

The average water bill during the off-peak months is: 
The average water bill during peak or summer months is: